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 KAD Model Management.


Finally time has come when our experiences, our visions,
our dreams and our ideas got it's own name -
KAD  model management Pvt. Ltd.

We are international modelling & production agency based in Delhi with our exclusive partners in Europe.

Our modelling division is handled by international team managed from India and Europe. We want to unite Fashion people and bring for them very new "Fashion Experience". KAD team are all experienced international bookers with many years expertise in developing models careers within the fashion industry with a huge client database. We deal with our clients with professionalism and take time to find the right model for their casting and assignment requirement.


Bright Manicure and Lipstick
City View
Our production division  is full- service production house based in Europe and in India, Our experiences and thorough local knowledge will give you the best support for your production from pitch to wrap.

In our database you will find unexplored , unique locations and  complete equipment for shoots, TVC's, music albums, serials and movies. Our professional team work very closely with production companies and clients  to determine their location needs, production costs and talent requirements.


Creative and technical excellence, delivered in friendly and professional manner, that's what KAD production is all about..










​Height:   5'8          (173cm)

Bust:        33.5       (86cm)

Waist:     26.5       (68 cm)

Hips:        36.5       (93cm)

Hair Color      Brown
Eye Color       Blue


​Height:   5'9       (174cm)

Bust:        33         (84cm)

Waist:     24.5     (62 cm)

Hips:        35.5       (90cm)

Hair Color      Curly Dark Brown 
Eye Color        Brown


​Height:  5''9    (175cm)

Bust:      33.5    (86cm)

Waist:   28        (70 cm)

Hips:      37         (94 cm)

Hair Color   Brown
Eye Color    Brown


​Height:   5'6.5         (168cm)

Bust:        30.5          (78cm)

Waist:     24              (61 cm)

Hips:        35              (89cm)

Hair Color      Short light brown
Eye Color        Blue


​Height:   5'6           (166 cm)

Bust:        33.5        (85 cm)

Waist:     24             (60cm)

Hips:        34.5         (87cm)

Hair Color     Light  Brown
Eye Color       Grey/Blue  


​Kika is half Slovakian and half Indian

Based in India. She can fluently speak in English, Hindi and Slovakian language.

She has started her career at age of 3 years. 

Age - 14 years old .

Height:  165cm

Hair Color   Brown
Eye Color   Brown
Shoe size  37


​Height:   5'8           (172 cm)

Bust:        31              (80 cm)

Waist:     25.5         (65cm)

Hips:        35.5         (90 cm)

Hair Color     Brown
Eye Color       Hazel 


​Height:   5'8         (173 cm)

Bust:        32              (82 cm)

Waist:     25             (64cm)

Hips:        36.5         (93cm)

Hair Color      Brown
Eye Color       Grey


​Height:  5'10      (179cm)

Bust:      35        (90cm)

Waist:   27,5     (69 cm)

Hips:      38.5     (99cm)

Hair Color      Brown 
Eye Color       Brown  


​Height:   5'10         (179 cm)

Bust:        34            (86 cm)

Waist:     27             (68cm)

Hips:        39             (99cm)

Hair Color      Brown
Eye Color       Brown  

priviliged  to work with these amazing models 


"Thank you KAD model management for your friendly approach and taking care of my daughter.

She found new friends and family during this 3 months in India.

I knew that she is very happy, safe and she stay with the best people and best agency. Good luck!"

Katarina Sedliackova Gatova  ( mother of KAD model Jana-)

~review from Facebook page of KAD model Managemet~ 

"After 6 months, today is that day. I left India. I didnt even realize how this time flows. But I know the reason, because it was good times! Amazing 6 months and so thankful to be part of this agency. Feeling very lucky to be chosen by the best agency in New Delhi. Thank you for your friendly approach,care taking, safety and beautiful apartment. Thank you Dari & Amit! You are best and it was my honor to be kept on your board. I will never forget! � Thank you."

Tomas Micko - ( male model of KAD model management )

 ~review from Facebook pafe of KAD model Management~


I couldn’t quite put into words how amazing my time with Kad Model was. I went to India for 3 months last April and I am now returning for my second term next week. Words can’t even do this justice but it was everything i’ve ever hoped it would be and more. Moving to a different country by yourself at 18 isnt the easiest thing to do, but the Agency Directors Amitko & Darinka are the most welcoming and humble people you could come across. They do everything in their power to make you feel as comfortable as possible and truly care about your well being. As amazing as modelling was I was lucky enough to be taken to so many places and taught so many things that it was an experience in itself. It’s hard to find good trustworthy people in this industry and that’s exactly what Kad is based on. Forever greatful to work under such amazing people, all my love for Kad always

Maddy Cabral - ( female model of KAD model management )

 ~review from Facebook pafe of KAD model Management~


Words can't describe how grateful I feel for entering India with this agency. The've shown me and introduced me to much more than the modeling industry in Delhi. Living in such supportive and loving enviroment has made it a trip on another level. Will be forever thankful to Darina and Amit for bringing such light into my (and each model's) stay. You have shown me that it's possible to stay gentle yet professional in industry that can be so rough sometimes. Million thanks to you, KAD!

Magda Stepanska  - ( female model of KAD model management )

 ~review from Facebook pafe of KAD model Management~


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